Ecutec S.L.

Finest in Classifying

Ecutec, which derives from Engineering and Consulting for Ultra-fine TEChnology was founded in 1996 in Germany and moved in 1999 to Barcelona, Spain whilst the production remained in Germany assuring a high manufacturing standard.

The initial point of the company was a strong demand for production of ultra-fine fillers on an industrial scale. With the development of the TFSseries, Ecutec made a breakthrough in classifying technology being able to produce ultra-fine high value mineral products by dry processing being an alternative to the traditional cost and energy intensive wet process.

The strong dedication to develop new products led soon to new types of classifiers and milling equipment, covering a wide range of applications, materials and finenesses.

In 2002 the company lived the beginning of a new era in its history as the first turn-key plant was planned and constructed under Ecutec aegis. This turning point leads Ecutec more and more to be rather a supplier of complete solutions than only a supplier of stand-alone machinery.

The personal commitment and know-how of the staff and the quality awareness of the production site in Germany, assures the customer state-of-the-art technology and individual support for any customer. Ecutec will continue to try hard to stay the Finest in Classifying.