Ecutec S.L.

Finest in Classifying

Glass Classification

ECUTEC successfully installed classifying systems for Glass which run reliable since 2004. The extremely abrasive product with a hardness on the Mohs scale of 9 was the challenge that could only be matched with new engineered materials and special rotor design.
These systems are equipped with a SCIROCCO Turbo Classifier and a BORA Turbo classifier to produce finenesses of d98 = 15 - 45µm.

Bricks and Concrete Grinding and Classifying System

For a advanced recycling plant ECUTEC installed two lines of grinding and classifying systems to process bricks and concrete with a total capacity of 90t/h with finenesses of d98 = 100 - 150µm.
The fully automised system consist of two TAURUS Ball Mills each with one wear protected SCIROCCO Turbo Classifier.

Clay Classifying Systems

A three stage classifying system for Clay produces finenesses of > 100µm, 20 - 100µm, 4 - 20µm and < 4µm. Critical at this system is a clean cut with high efficiency to keep all 4 fractions without over / undersize.
This plant contains a MONSOON Dynamic Classifier, a SCIROCCO Turbo Classifier and a BORA Turbo Classifier.

CaCO3 Turn-Key-System

This turn-key installation of ECUTEC can produce 5 different products in the fineness range of d98 = 3µm to d98 = 90µm simultaneously. Beside the Grinding and Classifying ECUTEC also delivered a Coating System to treat the final product as well as the full packaging stage.
This system contains a TAURUS Ball Mill, a MONSOON Dynamic Classifier, a SCIROCCO Turbo Classifiers and a MISTRAL Ultrafine Classifier, as well as a SIERRA Pin Mill.