Ecutec S.L.

Finest in Classifying

Bauxite & Nepheline

This plant is equipped with two Ball Mills of 710kW each. One line works with an ALPHA 1200CD (ceramic version) and the other line with two units of ALPHA 1200SD (hardox rotor version). In total it produces 30,0t/h of a d50< 5µ.

Diatomite Classification

To classify this abrasive and very light material at d98< 15µm an ALPHA 300CD Turbo Classifier with Aluminium Oxide rotor has been used. All parts inside the machine in contact with the product are lined with ceramic tiles in order to prevent abrasion.

Calcium Carbonate Coating

Two additional SMW63C Coating Systems (the client has now 4 in total), have been installed. One unit can produce up to 5,0t/h coated Calcium Carbonate with a consumption of stearic acid of only 0,5-1,0%.

Calcium Carbonate Milling and Classifying

Supply of a complete Grinding and Classifying System including one 1.4MW Ball Mill with two ALPHA 1200SD Turbo Classifier fed simultanously. Production is 18,0t/h of d98< 10µm.

Calcined Clay and Chamotte

A complete grinding and classifying system for two very abrasive products was delivered in 2004 which is processing abrasive powders reliable on a 24/7 basis.
One aluminium Oxide lined Ball Mill KGM and one Aluminium Oxide protected Turbo Classifier Alpha are the reliable machines in this process delivering finenesses of d98 = 15 - 100µm.

There are much more references we can share with you on request for a wide variety of Minerals.

Calcium Carbonate

ECUTEC has recently started-up a new plant that is producing CaCO3 of d90 = 80µm and coarser products with a Roller Mill equipped with our ALPHA Turbo Classifier, Dynamic Classifier ULS, precrushing and all the periphery and engineering of this plant. In this case, also fully automated palletizer and bagging system was supplied by ECUTEC.