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JURA - Jet-Classifier Mill

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Ecutec's JURA Jet Mill is an autogenous grinding system and therefore ideal for contamination free processing. Multiple horizontally installed nozzles direct pressurized air into the center and provide the energy for grinding products. The fine ground product is elevated by the grinding and classifying air up to the vertically installed rotor where the fines are separated.

ECUTEC's special classifying rotors, which can run at very high tip speeds, lead to a very clean, sharp and ultrafine top cut (down to d98 < 2μm). The vertical orientation of the rotor and the high air throughput guarantees a high efficiency of the grinding and classifying system. Due to the high efficiency extremely steep particle size distributions can be achieved with this mill.

ECUTEC's classifying rotors are available in Mild Steel, Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel and several Ceramics depending on the application. With special Ceramics and special design, ultrafine products can also be achieved with highly abrasive products. Mill linings can be provided either with Al2O3 or polyurethane.

Different nozzle arrangements, different temperatures of pressurized air and/or use of steam lead to a wide range of applications the JURA can be used for: Grinding, Classifying, Mixing, De-agglomerating, De-laminating and Coating can all be done with the JURA.

Typical products processed on JURA's:

- Ceramics (i.e. Oxides, Carbides, Nitrides and Silicates)
- Abrasives
- Rare Earth (i.e. Neodymium Iron Boron, Cerium Oxide, Samarium Cobalt, etc.)
- Pure and Contamination Free Products (i.e. Silica Gels, Fluorescents, etc.)
- Pesticides
- Resins, Waxes, Fats
- Pigments and Dyes
- Mineral Powders (i.e. Talc)


1. Sharp cut point down to d98 < 2μm

2. Processing of very hard/abrasive products

3. Steep particle size distributions

4. Contamination-free processing

5. Low noise level operation

6. Easy product change due to quick cleaning


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