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SCIROCCO - Air Classifier for fine products

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The SCIROCCO types belong to the family of turbo classifiers with turbulent airflow, also called centrifugal classifiers. These classifiers achieve a very high yield at a low specific energy consumption. The solid design reflects ECUTEC's philosophy of building machines that last a long time.

The SCIROCCO classifiers can be fed either by gravity or with the main air. For separations below 20μm the product is introduced with the air from the bottom for optimum dispersion of the feed. Where coarser separations are required, it is possible to introduce feed from the top of the classifier and this configuration helps to reduce the energy consumption due to a reduction of the pressure drop.

The SCIROCCO can be supplied with a ceramic classifier wheel and the body lined with ceramics or polyurethane as wear protection for processing abrasive materials or to prevent iron contamination.
The classifier rotor and the body can be made of stainless steel. The SCIROCCO head is also available for existing Pendular Roller Mills to improve product quality and quantity.


1. Cut point down to d98 < 6μm
2. Extremely reliable design
3. Low specific energy consumption
4. Low investment costs
5. Easy and quick maintenance resulting in low maintenance cost
6. For abrasive products: Ceramic rotor and ceramic lining/polyurethane lining
7. Stainless steel design available

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